STARMEX PLASTICS is a company born from the needs and demand of prime and virgin material for the manufacture of plastic film and plastic bags, high and low density polyethylene (LDPE-HDPE) and fully

Post-industrial recycled plastics in all its forms (pellets, bales, regrinds, rolls, etc.) in both the United States and Mexico.

We are committed to the quality of our products, which is why we have been successful in the market, working for long periods of time with our customers.

Being a subdivision of Starmex Distributors, both companies work closely together to provide the best purchase experience to our customer, from material selection to logistics and distribution within their facilities.

We have offices in Atlanta GA, The Woodlands TX and an office as well as a processing and manufacturing plant of film in Mexico City.

In StarmexPlastics and Starmex Distributors, we are committed to preserve the environment

Prime Materials

We trade and consume high volumes of Polyethylene (PE), commodity plastic resin and offer three types of virgin plastic resins; branded prime, generic prime and off-grade pellets.

Recycled materials

Starmex Plastics buys and sells recycled plastic materials. We sell grind, blend and/or pelletize material for use in your business.


Dealing with cost volatility is a critical part of managing a plastics business. Variations in resin pricing affect costs and earnings and makes hedging a necessity. Hedging is a form of price-risk management but it is much more. Starmex Plastics has the experience and the industry expertise to help you stabilize your company costs to increase profit with minimizing loss.


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Recycled Materials:

LDPE- Low Density Polyethylene Film Scrap, bales, rolls, regrind, purge and pellets.

LLDPE- Linear Low Density Polyethylene Film Scrap, bales, rolls, regrind, purge and pellets.

HDPE- High Density Polyethylene Film Scrap, bales, rolls, regrind, purge and pellets..


Reduce the amount of the Earth's resources that we use.


You have the ability to use it again.


You can make an object out of another object.


Starmex Plastics, has large manufacture facilities where we make plastic film, film rolls, plastic bags either prime or with recycled materials depending on each customer needs. This manufacture facilities are located in Mexico City to serve the national and international market.

Contact Us

Atlanta Office:

235 Peachtree St. NE ,Suite 400
Atlanta, GA, 30303
(678) 469-6149

Houston Office

8350 Ashlane Way, Suite 104-5
The Woodlands, TX, 77382
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